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Set of 6 long-lasting, durable, non-stick wooden spatula of the best quality. Teak wood frying spoons with a smooth surface. Set of Natural Teak Wood Utensils, Heat-Resistant Natural Beechwood Spatulas, and Long-Handled Cooking Spoons (6 pieces)

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Wooden Cooking Utensil Upkeep Guidelines

  1. Wash it by hand in warm, soapy water with a soft towel.


2.Store your wooden spoons in a spot that is both clean and well-ventilated. The hanging holes on our wood cooking spoons make wall storage simple.


  1. Give the wooden utensils some oil.

Give the wood 15-20 minutes (or better yet, overnight) to absorb the oil.


  1. Avoid cleaning with bleach;


  1. Avoid using steel balls or other hard things to scrape. Be as polite as ever.