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Rainproof Cloth

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$12.60 - $364.54
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Use this rainproof cloth in the deck, garden, patio, backyard, entryway, pool, and even in the children’s playing area. There is a thick wrap rope around the edge, which gives 360-degree protection. Ideal for outdoor activities and camping. You can also employ it in a courtyard balcony, car shed, fleshy plants, pet rooms, trucks, etc. This cloth is rainproof, has sun protection and warmth protection as well. 


This rainproof cloth has increased encryption buttonholes and punches holes on all four sides. The hole distance is 1m/1pc. It has a high-temperature heat sealing, with no needle holes. This cloth has no water leakage, no cracks, and no scattered edges. This new upgrade, wide package has seamless stitching. The hem width of this rainproof cloth is 4.5 cm to prevent cracking. Thick fabric is used to explain durability. The thickness is 0.4 mm and the service life is long. 


With a variety of sizes available, this excellent rainproof cloth is the best present idea for yourselves, friends, family members, coworkers, women, and people who enjoy a healthy lifestyle.