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Multi Fuel Camping Stove

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Type: Camping Stove
Model Number: BRS-8
Package Size: 285*205*93mm
Unit weight: about 1.1kg/set
Material: Stainless steel & Aluminum alloy & Copper
Fuel: Butane gas/oil
Capacity of fuel bottle: 450ml
Oil Consumption: 208g/h
Power: 2600W
product advantages: Simple and durable

product advantages:
Collapsible bracket for convenient use.
Super bearing capacity bracket can bear vertical pressure within 80kg.
Better pre-heating effect due to unique design of pre-heating device (only 30 seconds).
Strong firepower: it only takes 3 minutes to boil 1L water (change with weather, fuel, and cooking ware accordingly).
Gas Pump has been built-in wear resistant device, which makes the inside cup leather more durable and has larger gas supply.
Material of high strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
Very easy to ignite the stove with the match or the lighter.
Multi-function tool set enables easy and convenient installation and maintenance.
All the seal rings have the characteristics of wear-resisting, aging resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, good recovery rate