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Giant shoe cleaner

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Giant Athletic Shoe Cleaner Kit is the elite shoe care product for athletes. Used on cleats ,running/basketball sneakers or sandals, this cleaner is formulated for all athletic footwear and is safe to use on leather, canvas, nylon, rubber, vinyl and nylon mesh.


1Athletic Shoe Cleaner 2.5oz/75ml

1Deep  Clean Bristle Brush

1Microfiber cloth 


Hand wash only. Fill a small bowl with cool water and dip brush. Apply a liberal amount  of product to your Sole® all -in -one brush. Gently rub to clean entire  area, creating a foaming action. Do not scrub vigorously to avoid damaging delicate surfaces. Rinse well with clean ,cold  water. Lightly stuff paper into item to keep  shape  and let air dry. Do not place item in direct heat or sunlight.